Sandwich Panel Production Technologies

pu sandwich panel production line

Continuous and discontinuous panel producing strategies
Above the very last 50 years, sandwich panels have developed as a specifically affordable implies of design. The combined supplies are always two skin levels (rigid metal experiencing materials or adaptable skins this kind of as skinny aluminum, paper or membranes, based on the application) and a main insulating content.

There are essentially two panel producing technologies: steady and discontinuous. In the continuous procedure, all the utilized components are processed with each other, and the totally fashioned panel is cut to the sought after size without halting the line. In the discontinuous method, the resources are processed independently this indicates the facings are fashioned and lower to the preferred size and then assembled with each other in a press exactly where the foam is injected.

The discontinuous approach has a reduce degree of productivity that can not be compared with that of the ongoing one particular. It is used nowadays for merchandise with shapes that do not permit the steady process, or when the generation charge necessary does not justify investment decision in a ongoing line.

A constant line has an average pace of about fourteen meters for every moment in generation of medium panel thickness (40-50 mm) with metal facings. With a single 8-hour change a day over 220 days in a 12 months, generation amounts to about 1,one hundred eighty,000 meters for every calendar year, assuming an effectiveness of 80 per cent. A discontinuous line with a double push 12 meters long, beneath the same conditions, can reach generation of about 100,000 meters per calendar year when functioning one particular shift for every day.

Continuous panel manufacturing line

A typical ongoing line is made up of the subsequent a few sections:

• exterior layers processing segment

• insulating substance processing segment

• panels dealing with area

In a common scenario of a sandwich panel with equally exterior surfaces in sheet metallic and an insulating main in polyurethane rigid foam, the first section starts with the sheet decoilers and proceeds with all the equipment for forming the two sheets into the sought after condition. The panel could be a panel for walls or for roofs. Sandwich panels with versatile levels (aluminum, glass fiber sheets, asphalt paper) are not rollformed. The two surfaces of the final panels are fully flat. The surfaces are pre-heated to the temperature necessary by the approach (typically in between 40 and 65 C) and then the insulating materials is ready.

In the circumstance of polyurethane (PU-PIR) panels, the foam is generated by starting up from the essential chemical components metered and mixed jointly in the foaming device. The ensuing liquid combination is evenly dispersed over the lower steel sheet. The metallic facings, foam and achievable facet strips or gaskets are pressed inside the double conveyor or continuous push. This equipment has to keep the steel sheets separated at the sought after distance even though the foam expands.

In this way, the panel will have the desired thickness and form once the foam has expanded and fully cured. The most essential parameter to make sure a very good consequence from the approach is the temperature management of the chemical components, metal sheets and press region. If the insulating content is mineral wool or expanded polystyrene, it is inserted and glued to the steel sheets in the kind of mattresses that have been cut and shaped to the appropriate thickness before insertion.

Temperature is once more a critical parameter, this time for the response of the glue, i.e. for excellent adhesion of the interior board to the exterior layers. Right after being fashioned, the panel is lower, cooled, stacked and wrapped with a plastic film. These last operations can be carried out instantly or manually, dependent upon the automation degree that the client demands for their generation line.

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